Part 3



True, different peoples, different languages have name-correspondences among and between them. For example, the English 'James' has the corresponding 'Santiago' in Spanish, 'George' has its correspondent 'Giorgio' in Italian and so on.

These are rudiments of customs and traditions of men, for the sake of expediency, to make them easier to pronounce, as adjusted to the inclinations of their speech patterns, thus making the printed Bibles more saleable.

Bringing to your remembrance how serious Y┴OHU UL was with meanings attached to given names, you will recall how He changed the names of Abraham and Jacob and how He strictly forbade the naming of John the Immerser other than what He has commanded; cf. Luke 1:59-64. Also the changing of Peter's name. Why?

Because a personal proper name means a lot! It represents all the character, qualifications, reputation, abilities, authority, attributes and the totality of the person represented by that particular name! And to think that the Name of the Messiah was decreed by the Almighty Y┴OHU UL Himself, relayed to the blessed virgin Mary by His angel! Always bear in mind too that people are dealing with unseen spiritual-beings behind every name which they use in prayers or any other forbidden communication with the supernatural.

Remember, they are unseen so we must be very particular and careful to identify who we are dealing with and communicating to. What or who unseen, invisible spiritual beings will respond, in the supernatural world around us, right spirits or wicked spirits, depends solely on which names we call on.

Correct names will activate correct spirit beings, wrong names will activate wrong, unwanted familiar evil spirits, who are notorious in pretending or imitating the real ones, to deceive many. Wicked spirits are liars and deceitful. Impostors, really.

Who are we to change Y┴OHU UL's declarations without direct authorization and approval from Him? Thy will be done, Y┴OHU UL, our true Maker, Source and Creator! Not our will but Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. What is His Name in heaven? Surely not 'god'! Names of idols are forbidden to be spoken in heaven by His creatures. And besides, Y┴OHU UL clearly commanded us not to mention the names of idols on our lips!

So to use translated names will be like walking on quicksand! It will be acceptable to Y┴OHU UL if people were the ones to adjust and conform to His Name and not the other way around. He does not respond when you call Him by another name, especially that which belongs to His rivalling idols. Remember, He is the All-Powerful One!

What's more, how can one be sure that he will contact Y┴OHU UL if you are calling upon another so-called translation of His Name, which He never authorized in the first place?

It's like trying to contact a friend but dialing a different telephone number or sending to a wrong E-Mail address! And an impostor to answer and fool you at the other end of the phone line! It will be April fools day everyday indeed! Watch out! You have been warned! Don't be deceived.... but instead, be truly wise, spiritually and scripturally!

Remember, proper names must never be translated, but instead, they must be TRANSLITERATED (transferred, copied sound for sound) in translating the Holy Scriptures into different languages!

'But we have to change the Name of the Most High into the name of a people's local idol, so that they will readily accept the Bible.

Example: If the tribes in Micronesia worship a local idol whom they call 'Bel' - then it would be wise to use this name for the Creator in translating the scriptures to their own native language. For how else would they receive the word if you do not agree, first of all, that their imagined spirit-idol is correct? So, the first verse of the translated Holy Scriptures will read - 'In the beginning `BEL' created and made the heavens and the earth!'

Shocking blasphemy! Or if in another place, the native idol happened to be called - 'gee-ZEUS,' then words from the Holy Scriptures will have to be altered and translated like this: 'Gee-ZEUS is the way, the truth and the life.' One must also be as shocked as earlier for similar blasphemy! Why not?

Because many have heard this for so long a time that they have been used to it, so they don't question anymore whether what they heard was true or not!

A lie often repeated will be acceptable to unthinking humans after enough time of continual repetition, and for a much longer time, they will even defend it as truth! And even give up their lives for that lie! Truly many people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

Though spellings may be different, still the name of the idols are called upon, hidden behind different spellings but producing the same phonemes and sounds. That's what the word 'wicked occult' means: evil which is hidden, unnoticeable to the unwary.

Would you name your son 'zheytan'? Why not? Because it sounds like 'satan'! But this one is of a different spelling. Still you will not buy the proposition. The answer is obvious. Clear? Indeed! So why do most people ignorantly make 'gee-zeus' as their 'baal' or lord? My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. And there's the serpent, cunningly deceiving the whole world. But ha-satan always bows his knees to YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y!

Did you know that 'zeus' is the god or idol of storms, tornadoes, thunderstorms, cyclones and all sorts of catastrophic weather disturbances? So if you want to avoid such calamities, better stop now from calling upon this idol-spirit of darkness, deceiving the whole world with his pretensions and deceptions.

But Molkhi˙l YAOH┌SHUA is the Light of life, and He was manifested to destroy the works of the devil, ha-satan. And we now bind all the wicked spirits associated with 'zeus' idolatrous worship in all of you and anywhere else, be hol Shuam YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y, and we all say, truly, let it be done!

Consider also that the original name of the book of James in the Holy Scriptures was 'Y┴OHU-caf' with the English correspondent-name Jacob, and not 'James.' This was only resorted to by the translators to please King James of England, who paid their wages then.

Also, the cousin of the blessed virgin Mary was given a translation name of 'Elizabeth' to please the English royalty then. Do you honestly and truly believe that in those days of the Messiah's birth, that Israeli men had names such as 'James'? Come now, you are wise enough to off hand give an honest answer, even without taking up serious Bible studies. Plain common sense will tell you it's an adulteration!

So you must keep on searching deeper, to know the honest truths hidden behind these translations, to get to the root archaic Hebrew words and get their originally-intended meanings!

Even wild animals search for their roots, parents and sources, and surely you are truly wiser than animals. So one reason for being alive here on earth is to seek, search and inquire of your Maker, your Creator, your Life-Giver! Plain common sense is enough reason to do this. And you are given so many years to finish this mission of getting back to your Maker. The sooner you do it, the better your whole life on this earth will be! And in the afterlife too....

Truth is so valuable that it must be surrounded by bodyguards of lies! Because only the truth sets people free from the curses of the enemy, satir and his wicked spirits. YAOH┌SHUA has redeemed you from the curses of the law!

YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y is the authentic way, the truth and the life!

Not 'gee-ZEUS' of Greek mythological, primitive cults. Now, you see!

The same goes for such idolatrous names as 'Shem' (from the goddess 'Shemiramis,' mother-wife of Tammuz, worshiped in primitive Babylonian-Assyrian mythological religions) and 'Adonai' (from the Phoenician-Greek pagan idol 'adonis'). We do not wish to offend nor insult anyone; we just want to let you know of the truth, out of sincere love in our hearts for you!

Better the truth which often hurts than lies coated with sugar! Wounds from a friend are better than kisses from an enemy.... so the scriptural proverb says. Ha-Shem-worship is the modern-day sun-worship! While the worship of 'Adonai' is really the adoration of the 'old dragon' with his phallic symbols. Surely you will come to really understand now where the

Jewish people have gone off the track which led to several unfortunate events in their history as a nation where Y┴OHU UL, the true Guardian of Israel, seemed not to be in protective control.

But Y┴OHU UL knew what was happening all along, and He allowed these events to happen, as means of chastisement, to make the Jewish people return to Him, Y┴OHU UL, and really acknowledge that He, not 'Ha-Shem' nor 'Adonai,' is the true Guardian of Yaoshor˙l (poetic name of Israel).

Truth is truth, and it will be better for us to receive it; then we change, then it will be well with us and our Most High!

Who said that to change is difficult? Everything comes easy once we decide to change! Let's decide in favor of the truth, shall we?

So call upon Him now and ask forgiveness for such idolatries, though unintentional. Sin is sin! Ignorance of His Word excuses no one.

'My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge' - Hosea 4:6, Tanakh.

'Anyone who disobeys some law of Y┴OHU UL, even without realizing it is guilty anyway!' - Leviticus 5:17 Tanakh.

'Guilty' means one deserves to be punished or penalized!

'He who covers his sins will not prosper, but whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy!' - Proverbs 28:13, Tanakh.

'If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness!' - 1 John 1:9.

'Come now, let us reason together, though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall be as wool!' - Isaiah 1:18, Tanakh (Biblia Hebraica)

'If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the best of the land; but if you refuse and rebel, you shall be devoured by the sword (war), for the mouth of Y┴OHU UL has spoken!' - Isaiah 1:19-20

So let us repent! In repentance and rest is our salvation!

Let us stop praying to, worshiping and praising 'Ha-Shem' and 'Adonai' - because Y┴OHU UL detests all sorts of idolatrous practices, regardless of who does it, whether Jewish or Gentile.

But there are millions doing it! Do numbers change lies to truth? Remember, wide is the way that leads to destruction and there are many, repeat, many who go thereat, but narrow and difficult is the way that leads to life!

REMNANT, REMNANT, REMNANT! Always remember! But many souls have been won by this method, you may say. Maybe so. But souls won for whom? For bel, billy, adonis, zeus and other idols! All is useless exercise, a huge waste, unless of course we repent and tell each one that the real Person behind all the Holy Scriptures is Y┴OHU, the genuine Breath behind it all, the true Almighty One, and that YAOH┌SHUA is the authentic, original and only true Messiah!

Now you realize how cunning the line of reasoning which the scribes long ago have followed, to prove what was written that they indeed have taken away the key of knowledge. They have erased, deleted and changed the original Person behind the Book and ascribed the whole Book to have been authored by different idols - but NOT the Holy One of Israel: Y┴OHU UL!

That's similar to present day consumer-products piracy, or even software piracy, which is actually plagiarism of the worst sort.

See what happens when people adjust the Tanakh or Holy Scriptures to the whims and caprices of men just to make it saleable, or palatable. The end never justifies the means!

That's why we have repented and from now on, we will always truly acknowledge the genuine Source and Prime Mover of all life, the authentic Person behind the books of the Holy Scriptures - Y┴OHU UL Yaoshorul!

Praise be to Y┴OHU UL, our real Maker! The true Most High!

Assuming, without admitting, that name-translations of our Creator or His Anointed One were permissible, then the exact name-correspondent of 'YAOH┌SHUA' in English should have been 'JOSHUA' and not 'gee-ZEUS.'

'Listen to Me, YAOH┌SHUA, the High Priest and all you other priests, you are illustrations of the excellent things to come. Don't you see? YAOH┌SHUA represents My Servant 'THE BRANCH' Whom I will send!' - Zechariah 3:8, Tanakh.

'Y┴OHU UL Tzavulyßo says: 'YAOH┌SHUA, you represent the Man Who will come, Whose Name is 'THE BRANCH' - He will grow up from Himself, and will build the temple of Y┴OHU UL. To Him belongs the royal title. He will Rule both as King and Priest, with perfect harmony between the two offices!'' - Zechariah 6:12, Tanakh.

These words are from the Most High: Y┴OHU UL Gavˇha! The Most High.

But still, to accept human techniques of translations, making it the basis of our worship and eternal salvation is like building one's house upon sand! So PERILOUS!

Remember, you are dealing with the One Who made the heavens and earth!

Do media translate the names of presidents, royalties and other dignitaries into different languages, or do they transliterate? No, they don't translate proper names. Yes, they transliterate them! How much more the Name of the Most High? His Most Sacred Name must never be translated too, but instead, transliterated, if one really wants to convey pure and simple truth.

'This is My Name forever!' and 'There is no other name given!'

So let us worship our Maker in 'R┌KHA' (or Spirit) and in truth, for Y┴OHU UL is looking for that kind of worship. Let us praise, worship, pray to, extol, adore and glorify His NAME!

'Y┴OHU, Y┴OHU - How excellent is Your NAME in all the earth!'

Hallowed be Your NAME, our Y┴OHU UL!

In what name is your whole life dependent upon? If it is other than 'YAOH┌SHUA' - you must now CHANGE!

Because, 'there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved except by that Name above every name - YAOH┌SHUA!' - Acts 4:12, Holy Scriptures.

No other name! No other name! No other name!

All authority in heaven and on earth is behind this Name! No translation of this most Reverend Name has been authorized by the Holy One of Israel, not even for the sake of expediency or saleability of the published Holy Scriptures. Every creature must learn to call on His Creator. The Name of our Creator must not be adjusted to the whims and caprices of His mere creatures!

Y┴OHU UL is the Creator, we are His creatures. Let us not create other fake and phony creators!

To change from the original to some other translated names is to change from the Most Powerful Name to the ordinary, the commonplace!

Molkhi˙l YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y is the One and only Son of our Maker, the Holy One of Israel. Proverbs 30:4 of the Tanakh says He has a Son! 'YAOH┌SHUA' is His SON! Let's give Him the honor due His NAME, please.

Since thousands of years ago, it has already been the custom and tradition of the heathen and pagan tribes to worship and serve a piece of icon or idol under different titles and names, usually varying from place to place. Even today, you can see this pagan custom being done by those who do not know the true Holy One of Israel.

The mother-and-child idol is called and worshiped in its various names and titles in different countries, and even towns, of the heathen or pagan world. Typically primitive. Work of darkness, to state it frankly.

Let us not do as the pagans do! Do not be conformed to the ways and traditions of this world, because 'ha-satan' or 'satir' is the so-called 'god' of this world!' - 2 Corinthians 4:4, Holy Scriptures.

'Why do you also break the commands of Y┴OHU UL for the sake of your traditions?' Molkhi˙l YAOH┌SHUA asked the scribes. - Matthew 15:3, Holy Scriptures.

'Inasmuch as these people draw near to Me with their mouths and honor Me with their lips, but have removed their hearts far from Me, and their fear towards Me is taught by the commandments of mere men, therefore, behold, I will again do a marvelous work among this people, a marvelous work and a wonder; for the wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the understanding of their prudent men shall be hidden (or occult)!' - Isaiah 29:13-14, Tanakh or Hebrew Scriptures.

Let us not put the Words of Y┴OHU UL to no effect by means of man-made traditions and practices! It is detestable in Y┴OHU UL's sight!

YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y is the original Name!

The original is honestly the best!

All this is given to you in true love and deep humility, 'Ol Sh˙am' YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y, and we all say, am-nßm!

YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y is the original Name!

Only the original is the best!

Let's continue to receive more scriptural wisdom and knowledge in the NEXT segment of this spiritually-awakening guideline now....