Part 5



Was it more than a coincidence that Moses' successor in the Tanakh or Holy Scriptures was named 'YAOH┌SHUA?' And this Name was given to him in place of his old name 'Hosea?' Is this a possible clue as to the identity of the promised 'Prophet' whom Y┴OHU UL would send after Moses? YAOH┌SHUA! See Numbers 13:8 Tanakh (Biblia Hebraica).

'Y┴OHU UL will raise up a prophet for you like me, an Israeli, a man whom you must listen to and whom you must obey. For this is what you yourselves begged that you might not have to listen to the terrifying voice of Y┴OHU UL again, or see the awesome fire of the mountain, lest you die.'

'All right, Y┴OHU UL said to me, I will do as they have requested. I will raise up from among them a prophet, an Israeli like you. I will tell Him what to say, and He shall be My spokesman to the people. I will personally deal with anyone who will not listen to him and heed his messages from Me!' - Deuteronomy 18:17-19, Tanakh (Biblia Hebraica).

There are none so blind as those who refuse to see!

'If there arises among you a prophet or a dreamer of dreams, and he gives you a sign or a wonder, and the sign or the wonder comes to pass, of which he spoke to you, saying, 'Let us go after other idols which you have not known, and let us serve them,' you shall NOT listen to the words of the prophet or dreamer of dreams, because Y┴OHU your UL is just testing you to know whether you love Y┴OHU your UL with all your heart and with all your soul!' - Deuteronomy 13:1-3, Tanakh.

Please take these to your mind and heart now:

Original Scriptural
Hebrew Name
Scriptural Titles
'Y┴OHU' Creator, Almighty, Father, the Most High, the Holy One and Guardian of Israel, and so on.
'YAOH┌SHUA' Messiah, Teacher, Redeemer, Savior, King of kings, Prince of Peace, Advocate, and so on.
'R┌KHA-Y┴OHU' Comforter, Spirit of Truth, Spirit of Y┴OHU, Spirit of Grace, and so on.

Please notice that there is only one Name common to the triune Persons in the Eternal Creator-Head.

'Immerse them in the Name (singular) of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.' It did not say 'names,' which is plural. - Matthew 28:19.

'Holy Father, protect them by the power of Your Name - the Name You gave Me - so that they may be one just as We are One. While I was with them, I protected them and kept them safe by the NAME You gave Me!' - John 17:11-12.

Take note: Just as WE are ONE! Just as WE (plural) are ONE!

So our Creator has only One, repeat, only One Name, many Titles!

And now you know the difference between a title and a name!

So helpful to you! Thank Y┴OHU UL now for the wisdom and knowledge and light He is now giving you, out of His deep love for you.

Remember: Praise and worship His Holy NAME! Not titles....

Q. Do I have to learn to speak Hebrew to be saved?

A. You already are using Hebrew words in your vocabulary, whether you realize it or not. You cannot grasp the deeper meanings of the Holy Scriptures without being immersed in Hebrew. The moment you open to read your Tanakh or Holy Scriptures, you are in Hebrew ground!

Examples of Hebrew words which are commonly used, especially by those familiar with the Holy Scriptures are: Amen, Bethlehem, Malchizedeq, Zion, Solomon, Abraham, Lemuel, Israel, Jacob, abdomen and even the word Messiah and Immanuel are of the Hebrew genre.

Our original ancestors spoke Hebrew, Noah spoke Hebrew, the Messiah is from the Hebrew race, and so were the apostles and the prophets. You cannot ignore Hebrew and really understand the Tanakh or the Holy Scriptures in depth! You will encounter it one way or the other.

Besides, evidences are cropping up pointing to the fact that the New Testament, which were mostly written by Hebrew people, were originally written in Hebrew, and not Greek, especially the book of 'Hebrews'! But surviving manuscripts are in Greek, but these manuscripts were translations from the original autographs written in Hebrew!

Remember also that the Messiah YAOH┌SHUA was born and raised in Israel, not in Greece. During His time on earth, Israel was then ruled and occupied by Rome, and not by the Greeks. Rome's language then was Latin and not Greek, contrary to what others erroneously claim. The Name of the Most High is in Hebrew, the Savior's Name is in Hebrew, most of the Holy Scriptures were written in Hebrew!

So Hebrew is important in the sanctification or purifying process of your new regenerated life with Molkhi˙l YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y! But to be conversant with the language is NOT a precondition to receiving this new life with the Messiah.

For those who have already some light of the Holy Writ before you came to know this, this is the fruit of your continual seeking for the absolute truth and not the root. For many, though, this is the beginning of their times of spiritual refreshing, with a new life with YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y as their only personal Governor and Redeemer.

For others, this is part of growing up in your spiritual growth in His family, as you are being changed from glory to glory, to be conformed to the image of His dear Son - YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y, Who spoke in Aramaic Hebrew during His earthly mission! Purification of the tongue is part of Y┴OHU UL's Covenant of sanctification with His children. Guaranteed by the blood of the Messiah YAOH┌SHUA.

But you must believe in and call upon His one and only Name, in order to receive salvation, and His Name is in Hebrew, and not in Latin nor in Greek! The Romans were the first to translate the original Name of the Messiah YAOH┌SHUA into different languages. They were also the ones who destroyed the Temple of Y┴OHU UL. Not surprising though....

'Everyone who calls upon the Name of Y┴OHU shall be saved!' - Joel 2:32 Tanakh.

'Salvation is found in no one else, because there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved - except the Name: YAOH┌SHUA!' - Acts 4:12, Holy Scriptures. 'To all who received Him, to all who believed in His NAME,

He gave the right to become the children of the Most High - Y┴OHU UL.' - John 1:12, Holy Scriptures.

'For Y┴OHU UL so loved the world that He gave His one and only SON, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. Because Y┴OHU UL did not send His SON into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him. Whoever believes in Him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already because he has not believed in the NAME of Y┴OHU UL's One and only Son - YAOH┌SHUA.' - John 3:16-18 Holy Scriptures.

'I (Y┴OHU UL) will change the speech of My returning, repentant people to pure Hebrew, that they may worship Y┴OHU UL together.' - Zephaniah 3:9 Tanakh.

So it is written, so it shall be done!

Q. In what language did Molkhi˙l YAOH┌SHUA speak when He was serving here on earth?

A. Scholars and researchers claim that it was the Aramaic language He spoke in. Believable because Aramaic is the closest to pure, archaic Hebrew, the type which we are using. Pure, archaic Hebrew is slightly different from Biblical or classical Hebrew, only in pronunciation, but basically the same, especially as to root consonants and syllables.

Oh, YAOH┌SHUA, please make me more like You!

Help me speak Your language and let me be more familiar with all things Jewish, that I may truly appreciate the roots of this olive tree to which I have been grafted in or in which I am a natural branch!

'I will change the speech (purify the tongue) of My returning, repentant people to pure Hebrew!' So said Y┴OHU UL, the Holy One of Israel in Zephaniah 3:9, Tanakh.

Q. Won't I be labeled as belonging to a cult once I believe in His original Name?

A. Wonderful! You're in the right exclusive company of believers in the genuine Almighty One and the true Messiah! The early believers in the Messiah were also branded as belonging to the cult or sect of the Nazarenes! See Acts 24:5, the Holy Scriptures.

Whatever label or brand people may tag on you does not matter. What matters is WHO is your Savior and Redeemer, to whom is your whole life here and afterlife entrusted, WHO do you really praise and worship; who is your Protector and Defender and Provider? These are the vital things in one's life! The most important part of being alive is to know Y┴OHU UL, your Creator.

'This is life eternal: To know You, Y┴OHU UL, the only true All-Powerful Eternal Creator and the One Whom You have sent, i.e., YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y!' - John 17:3, Holy Scriptures.

'I have told you these matters so that you won't be surprised by all that lies ahead, for you will be excommunicated from the synagogues, and indeed the time is coming when those who kill you will think they are doing a service for the Most High. This is because they have never known Y┴OHU Ab˙ (the Father) or Me. Yes, I am telling you these things now so that when they happen, you will remember I warned you,' said Molkhi˙l YAOH┌SHUA in John 16:1-4.

To live is basically to engage in trading or exchange. You give your time to studies, you get a degree. You give your talents in service to your employer, you receive a salary, which in turn you give away to get your basic daily needs, like food, clothing and so on.

Likewise, if you want to gain eternal life, or heavenly life, you must give up something in exchange, say for example, your earthly pleasures or unproductive living. You must give in order to get. You must sow before you reap. It's a universal principle!

So if you want to belong to that body of believers whom the Most High considers as truly His own, joint-heirs with YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y, you must give up many things!

You have to engage in a trade or exchange with your Maker!

'Whoever seeks to withhold his life shall lose it, but whoever gives up his life for My sake, shall all the more find it!' said YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y in Matthew 10:39, Holy Scriptures.

'So no one can become My disciple unless he first sits down and counts his blessings - and then renounces them all for Me!' said Molkhi˙l YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y in Luke 14:33.

'But all these matters that I once thought very worthwhile - now I've thrown them all away so that I can put my trust and hope in the YAOH┌SHUA the Messiah alone. Yes, everything else is worthless when compared with the priceless gain of knowing the Messiah, YAOH┌SHUA, my Governor.

'I have put aside all else, counting it worth less than nothing, in order that I can have the Messiah, and become one with Him, no longer counting on being saved by being righteous enough but by relying upon Molkhi˙l YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y to save me; for Y┴OHU UL's way of making us right with Himself depends on faith - counting on Molkhi˙l YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y alone.

'Now I have given up everything else - I have found it to be the only way to really know the Messiah and to experience the mighty power that brought Him back to life again, and find out what it means to suffer and to die with Him. So, whatever it takes, I will be one who lives in the fresh newness of life of those who are alive from the dead,' said Emissary Sha˙l (Paul) in Philippians 3:7-11, Holy Scriptures.

What then does one get in exchange for all these giving up?

'Let no one glory in men because Y┴OHU UL has given you everything you need.... He has given you the whole world to use, and life and even death are your servants. He has given you all of the present and all of the future. All are yours, and you belong to the Messiah, and the Messiah belongs to Y┴OHU UL,' said Emissary Sha˙l in 1 Corinthians 3:21-23, Holy Scriptures.

'Let me assure you that no one has ever given up anything - home, brothers, sisters, mother, father, children, or property for love of Me and to tell others the Glorious Message, who won't be given back, a hundred times over, homes, brothers, sisters, mothers, children, and lands - with persecutions. All these will be his here on earth in this present age, and in the world to come he shall have eternal LIFE!' said Molkhi˙l YAOH┌SHUA in Mark 10:29-30, Holy Scriptures.

Fair exchange? What an excellent bargain! Surely you'll take it now! Molkhi˙l YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y asks everything from YOU because He gave up everything, even His own life, just to redeem YOU!

And He surely would have done all that was necessary, even if you were the only person here on earth to redeem - that's how great His love for you is!

Y┴OHU UL, the UL of true, eternal love is the One Who really loves you. Because you are so highly-valued by the Father, Y┴OHU Ab˙.

Our Y┴OHU ULH═M is the ULH═M of Love. He is LOVE!

Remember: Life is but an EXCHANGE!

Q. What do you mean by the Hebrew word 'NuzrothÝy'?

A. Here's the meaning of the archaic Hebrew word 'NuzrothÝy':

'Nuzor' means 'the Branch'

'Zoro' means 'the Seed' from which the modern word 'zero' comes from. Look at the symbol used to represent it, 0, which looks like a seed!

'Rothiy' means 'the mark of my Shepherd'

Note: 'UL' (pronounced 'ool') means 'the All-Powerful Eternal Creator.'

All based on the original meanings of these archaic, pure Hebrew words.

'Listen to Me, YAOH┌SHUA, the High Priest, and all you other priests, you are illustrations of the wonderful things to come. Don't you see? YAOH┌SHUA represents My Servant - the Branch, Whom I will send!' said Y┴OHU UL in Zechariah 3:8, Tanakh.

'Put the crown on the head of YAOH┌SHUA the High Priest. This is what Y┴OHU UL says about YAOH┌SHUA, the High Priest: you represent the Man Who will come, Whose Name is 'The Branch' (Nuzor) - He will grow up from Himself (zoro - seed) and will build the Temple of Y┴OHU UL. To Him belongs the royal title. He will Rule both as King and Priest, with perfect harmony between the two offices!' - Zechariah 6:11-12, Tanakh or Hebrew Holy Scriptures.

'This fulfilled the prediction of the prophets: He shall be called the Nazarene (or the Branch)' - Matthew 2:23, Holy Scriptures.

'And I fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to me, 'Sha˙l, Sha˙l, why are you persecuting Me?' 'Who is speaking to me, Sir?' I asked. And He replied, 'I AM YAOH┌SHUA NUZROTH═Y (of Nazareth), the One you are persecuting!' - Acts 22:7-8, Holy Scriptures.

'And you no doubt know that YAOH┌SHUA NUZROTH═Y (of Nazareth) was anointed by Y┴OHU UL with the 'R┌KHA hol-HODSH┌A' and with power, and He went around doing well and healing all who were possessed by demons, for Y┴OHU UL was with Him!' - Acts 10:38 Holy Scriptures.

Q. What do you mean by the archaic Hebrew words 'hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y'?

A. Here is the meaning of the archaic Hebrew word 'hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y':

'hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y' is the archaic Hebrew word which means 'the ANOINTED ONE' translated as 'MESSIAH' in English.

In modern Hebrew, this archaic word was corrupted into 'Moshiyach.' This modern rendition of the original archaic word is unacceptable because the phonemes of this word 'Moshiyach' denote and connote wicked spirits. As always, the original is always the safest and the best!

Incidentally, the original name of Moses in archaic Hebrew is 'Mehush˙a' - so they all fit nicely together like a jigsaw puzzle arranging themselves nicely to come up with a revealing total image or picture of the true and authentic triune Creator-Head!

Y┴OHU UL said that He will send 'the PROPHET' just like Mehush˙a (Moses), to whom we must listen and obey,' and He's none other than Molkhi˙l (King) YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y, the promised Messiah, Savior, Prophet and King!

All this is given to you in true love and deep humility, 'Ol Sh˙am' YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y, and we all say, am-nßm!

YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y is the original Name!

The original is really and truly the best!

Let's continue to receive more scriptural wisdom and knowledge in the NEXT segment of this spiritually-awakening guideline now....